Touching: The Story Of Anthony Wax Who Became An Orphan From Age 2


Anthony Wax  was born on 12th Feb 1980 in Aba North Local Government Abia State Nigeria. He was the only adopted and surviving son of Mr/Mrs Obinna Anthony and Mrs Geraldine Anthony of blessed memory.

Anthony Wax became an orphan at the tender age of two and was re-adopted by one Catholic Priest, Rev Fr. Pius Ogu, now late.


Fr. Pius As popularly called by his parishioners was a well known philanthropist that dedicated all his life in helping orphanage/less privileged homes in Aba, capital of Abia State in Nigeria.


Again, Fr. Pius was killed on his way to a pastoral visit in the northern part of Nigeria, according to reports, he was among the victims of Fulani terrorist group “Boko Haram”.


The death of Fr. Pius disorganized the orphanage homes and no one to continue from where he stopped by giving arms to the adopted children and less privileged homes.

In 2002, Anthony Wax, who is now older, flew to Kano, northern part of Nigeria where he spent two years under heavy hardship.

Anthony Wax, a dedicated Catholic has no other choice than to present himself to a Catholic Parish in Kano but the situation wasn’t rossy at all.


He spent two years in Kano with a group of Missionaries called Missionary Society Of Saint Paul.


Again war broke out in Kano between christians and Muslims, Churches and Christian homes were their target, many priests were beheaded, christian families were burnt.


Now, Anthony has no other choice than to cross the border and he finds himself in Libya.


Anthony Arrived In Libya 18th Sept 2005, by road where currently resides and seeking for Refuge.

Anthony Wax shared his experience with this online news platform to beg the New Nigeria Government under President Olusegun Obasanjo to please look into the issue of terrorism in the northern part of Nigeria and provide succor for orphanage homes in the country.

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