Social Media Bill is barbaric, senseless, undemocratic, unreasonable.... Ogi Says.

stand on Social Media Bill (Part one)
 Ogi John
Social Media Bill is babaric, senseless, undemocratic, unreasonable, uncivilised, ill-mannered, mundane, anti social, anti development, anti civilisation.
The lawmakers are so full of themselves, unlearned and complete insanity is what I call the social media, if in a democratic social where the will of the people should prevail, the media which should monitor the government have become a political megaphone in the hands of the government, the only platform that can protect democracy is embattled by some unscrupulous government official who are so selfish to undermine the power of the masses for selfish gains.
Even the British constitutional laws have no place that places limitation on freedom of expression and these are developed nations. Instead of sponsoring bills that wil bring about development lawmakers are talking about social media bill.
 You seized radio,television and newspapers, made them elitist and all about class domination, he who pays the piper dictates the tune, we didn't complain, now while everywhere in the World citizens participation in development process is encouraged, in Nigeria citizen restriction is being sponsored on the floor of the Senate. Development at all times must be about the people, and if you don't have anything to say in the house, just park your properties and go back to your creeks.
I am heavily disappointed and am sure Nigerians are, and with all sense of sincerity we are saying no no no no no to social media bill, we want freedom to speak and we must have it. No to social media bill, not in Nigeria.

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