a picture of Microsoft Office 2007 containing few windows instructions

Before computer carries out any instruction, it requires Software to embark on the computer instructions.
The software here is an already made program. A program on the other hand is a series of instruction written in the language of the computer that specifies processing operation that the computer is to carry out on data.
Software is also a computer programs; instructions that cause the hardware (the Machine) to do work.

The software as a whole can be divided into two basic types namely:
1.     The System Software (Operating System) which control the workings of the computer. Examples are DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX etc.
2.     The Application Software (Packages) which addresses the multitude of tasks for which people use computers. It is simply the productivity tool to meet up different types of works or tasks. Examples are MS- Word, MS- Excel, MS- PowerPoint etc.
For our purpose, the emphasis will be on operating system called Windows. Operating System: This provides facilities, which enable the other programs to use the hardware in safe and controlled manner. Among its functions are computer resource sharing, input/output handling, memory management, filing system protection and error handling etc.

Application Package or Software: This is a package or productivity tool with associated documentation used for solving a particular or a variety of similar problems. Examples are MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, PageMaker, CorelDraw etc.

DOS: Means Disk Operating System- This is a set of instructions that make it possible to run other application software; it is also the system software that computer program uses when the computer is turned on.

WINDOWS: Windows is a software program designed by Microsoft Company called Microsoft Windows. And this is simply designed for easy collection of data. Windows is therefore, a graphical extension to DOS that offers a more visual way to work with computer. It also an Operating System that enables every available application package on the computer is to be executed or run.

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