Zazzy Ayali Ft. Rapizo _ Mfa-Kwagh Ne Soo Amo Ga -

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Zazzy Ayali Ft. Rapizo _ Mfa-Kwagh Ne Soo Amo Ga

New Music - Succeeders Music presents Zazzy Ayali Ft. Rapizo _ Mfa-Kwagh Ne SooAmo Ga.

Zazzy Ayali, Succeeders artiste is on this great Hip Hop song with Benue number one act & singer Rapizo {Pizo} Mr. Immortal, the crooner whos' singles are blowing every where in Tiv land _ Rapi will never die...

On this combination is a dope Hip Hop that you will never get tired of listening & dancing to it, it is a body moving jam, if you are ready, we are ready to jam the dance floor.
"Mfa-Kwagh Ne Soo Amo Ga."

Zazzy Ayali Ft. Rapizo _ Mfa-Kwagh Ne Soo Amo Ga. 
Click on any of  the download audios below to download the song

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 Be expecting more hits soon.

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