In this case an existing file could be saved on diskette using save As command and a current file which has not been saved at all can be saved on the diskette with Save command. Save As command is used to resave, to change the directory or rename an existing document or file. And Save command is used to save file or document for the first time and also to save subsequent changes made to any current file.
v Open an existing file or type the text you intend to save on the diskette as the case may be
v Insert diskette into drive A:
v On the file menu, click on save As command or save menu as the case may be
v A save As dialog is displayed on the screen
v Click on the fly-out next to save in or click on my document as the case may be
v Specify or click 31/ floppy A:
v Locate file name within the dialog box, and click in the provided box and type the name e.g Samuel
v Then click on save within the save As dialog
v Click on file menu, click close