Microsoft word is defined as a processing program that is used to create, edit, format, and save document. This is a word processing package normally used for typesetting work such as letter, envelope work and table work etc. It has little characteristic to designing or graphics work. In Microsoft word, you can type, format, and edit, save and print such work if needed.
In Microsoft word, there are bars known as Toolbars which display options or commands used to create, edit, format, and saved documents.
v The Title Bar
v The Menu Bar
v Standard Bar
v Formatting Bar
v Ruler
v Scroll Bar
v Drawing Bar
v Status Bar
v Task Bar

The Title Bar: Is the first bar, which appears at the topmost of the Microsoft windows or environment. It displays Document’s name or file name and the package’s name, and also displays Minimize, Restore/Maximize and Close buttons at the topmost right corner of the windows.

The Menu Bar: This is the most useful bar, which displays the nine main menus in Microsoft word window. Examples of such menus are; File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Window and Help. It is the number two bar in Microsoft word windows. Each of the menus contains commands or options such as save, new, print, open, copy, cut, paragraph, etc.

Formatting Bar: This displays the icons or logos of formatting tools or commands in Microsoft Word; example are Bold (B), Italic (I ), Underline (U ) etc.
Formatting features in word help to add visual emphasis to your documents.
Formatting in word is simply base on a “select then do model” this implies that after you have selected text, you can then change its appearance by applying a number of formatting options.

The Ruler: This help indenting typed text and to adjust or set the margins of the page as the case may be.

The Scroll Bar: This can be use to move (scroll) the whole page vertically and horizontally. There are vertical and horizontal scroll bars used to scroll (move) page vertically and horizontally.

The Task Bar: it displays the start button and name of the application software (Microsoft Word) and currently saved or opened document (file). For example saved or opened file called peter. It also displays desktop hierarchies and time etc.

Note: All the available commands to be used in Microsoft word are in each of the main menus. Therefore to achieve the commands in MS-word are follows: