By Comr Francis Adah Egapi
It is only when you have studied medicine and gone through medical school that you can be called a Doctor and can practice as such. Also it is only when you study Law and gone through Law school and graduated and called to Bar that you can be addressed as Barrister and practice as such.

In Nigeria today so long as you can write and speak good English and you work in a Radio, newspaper or Television station, you are been referred to as a Journalist or a Broadcaster. How can someone who know nothing about journalism or broadcasting be working in a media house and you expect professionality??

Today in Nigeria what you see as news are nothing but unsubstantiated, unverified, obscene and inaccurate reportage, which are against the ethics and tenets of the practice of Journalism. But this quacks go about spreading this news because they know nothing about the laws and ethics guiding the practice of Journalism.
Several unverified and inaccurate reports have been flooding the Nigeria media and this has indeed tarnished her image among nations of the world.

Well, the major thing that drew my attention into this issue is this picture that is all over the social media. The person in the picture is a supposed 7yr old boy that was killed by youths because of garri he allegedly stole, now this news has been making rounds in every media.

Spoiling the image of Nigeria the more, in as much as I am strongly against what I will want to call "Street Justice" as against the normal Term known as Jungle justice in totality, I will want to let us know that said person been burnt is not a seven 7year old but a man in his twenties that he and his gang specializes in terrorizing people , the said man and his gang caused the death of a 17yr old who they allegedly tried to collect his phone but resisted and was killed. The said man stole someone's phone and stabbed the person before he was caught and mobbed by angry youths.

Now my point is this when those quacks posted this news without authentication they have succeeded in destroying Nigeria because anyone seeing that publicized head line must surely see Nigeria in bad light.

I want to urge us as Social media users, to be ware of the kind of stories we share on social media because when we just post anything we see online without checking it, we are only destroying the image of Nigeria the more.

Lastly the government should try as much as possible to ensure that only professionals are allowed to own or operate mass media and also close some media platforms such as
livefofo.com , Naij.com , Naijaloaded and several others who specialize in Quack media practices. Nigeria must, shall, and will be great again!!