1.     Title Bar: This displays the name of the package (e.g CorelDraw) and the active windows (opened or currently saved file)
2.     Menu Bar: This bar displays the available menus in CorelDraw such as File, Edit, View, Layout menu etc.
3.     Standard Bar: This displays the shortcut icon commands of the main menus; such as the New, Save, Open, Print commands etc.
4.     Property Bar: This goes or changes with the tool been selected from the toolbox, when working. This bar is more sensitive than any other bars been mentioned in CorelDraw’ windows.
5.     Ruler: This is used to take a zero measurement on the age layout for accuracy. It is also used to take measurement of work. For example, designing a complimentary card of 3inch width and 1.5inch height; the measurement can only be achieved with the aid of the ruler by dragging the horizontal and vertical rulers from the top left of the page layout to align with the drawn box (object) on the page layout.
6.     Color: Pallet: This displays various colors that can be used to color any selected text or object
7.     Page Layout: This is a work space where text is entered and manipulated. Any work done outside the layout can not be printed. That is, the text or object will be cut during the process of printing the job out.

8.     Toolbox: The toolbox  displays all the available tools in CorelDraw, used to carry out different operational functions