My name is Mrs Beatrice Kyuka I am a widow. The wife of the first Surveyor General of Benue State, Surveyor Magnus Jeremiah Kyuka.

Myself and family have been in tears and fear of being assassinated by the duo of Former Governor Gabriel Suswam and his Adviser Solomon wombo. Reason being that I am contesting their forceful take over of our property along Ahmadu Bello way, Old GRA, Makurdi.

Suswam and his Adviser have decided to take advantage of our disadvantaged position to forcefully collect our land.

Barrister Paul Belabu was the person that wrote a will for our husband which was gazetted before he died. He read the gazetted will before the family after the death of our husband.

The family resolved to sell a portion of the family land, it was at this juncture that Wombo came in to buy the portion of land for Suswam, offering to pay N9m, he paid N5m naira for the first installment and then demanded for the original Certificate of Occupancy, C of O, to facilitate the demarcation promising that since they were in power, it was going to take them a few days to get the Governor sign another C of O and asked the family to pay N100,000 to Barrister Zuamo to process the papers in the Beareu for Land and survey.

After the last payment of N4m naira, I was cajoled in to signing the document believed to be agreement of sell which had no amount of payment on it.
Though I hesitated, Solomon Wombo insisted that I sign without my lawyer as he travelling out of Town and had no time.

But my confusion and worry started when thugs were sent to our house to break the fence that demarcated the sold portion forcefully creating an extension beyond the required portion on the orders of Solomon Wombo, then Suswam's Adviser.

Sensing danger I reported the matter to the mediation section of state Ministry of Justice which extended an invitation to Wombo and Barrister Zuana, when the case came up, security operatives believed to be men of the DSS, stormed the premises disrupting the sitting and all the lawyers withdrew from the case because Governor Suswam was interested in the case.

But Wombo did not just stop there, he went behind and met with my step son who was not included in the will to negotiate and buy the whole house, this time offering N12m naira, even though the sold portion was later valuated to cost at least N30m naira, he succeeded in conniving with my husbands relatives to remove my late husbands corps from where it was Burried in the compound. Something my husband objected to while alive.

After intense family deliberations we resolved not to sell the land again but rather chosed to return Wombo's money,
Wombo also agreed for the refund and demanded an interest of N4m naira to be added to the N21m naira, the judge handling the case was interested in buying the land and offered N27m naira (through a relative) less than the valued N30m naira, which we objected thereby pulling the wrath of the judge.

My refusal to sell the land to the judge prompted his decision to turn the case against me insisting with Wombo that the land should not be sold to an outsider.

When I discovered the judge was against me I petitioned him to hand off the case, but he went ahead to fixed a date for judgment without fair hearing.