I have tried not to think about the this whole issue, but it's becoming a case the more you look, the less you see.

Facts they say are sacred, so let's establish some.
April 2015, the state wage bill was said to be 2.7 billion naira.
July 2015, the said wage bill climbed to 3.7 billion naira. Reason given was that the last government was making illegal deductions that have been stopped which was true and we all agreed.

Then hell broke loose.
Screening exercises were done by both the executive and legislators to weed out ghost workers. We have had at least 3 of such exercises with no results.

The wage has continued to rise without any employment taking place. We moved from 3.7 to 4.2 and 7.8 billion naira in a short time. Now we are oscillating between about 4 billion and 7.8 billion depending on the government official you are listening to.
Now here are posers:

Why waste man hours and put people through the stress of travelling for screenings anytime the government gets credit alerts when those exercises have yielded nothing but more hardship for the workers.
Why not outsource such exercises to reputable companies that will carry out a thorough job in this era of BVN.

What is the arithmetic behind the geometric progression of the wage bill.
The government says they can only pay 2 months salaries with this windfall, however if they got 13 - 14 billion or 12.7 billion depending on which official we are believing, why not add our monthly allocation and clear the salaries.

Also, the doctors have being declared persona non grata and their salaries stopped, which should further bring down the wage bill, and if it is about 4 billion as some government officials are saying, the refund should be enough to pay at least four months salaries with some change left.

Lastly, we have borrowed to pay salaries, received bailout funds, Federal government special intervention and lastly Paris club refund all in about a year, yet we are still grappling with salaries, what is going to happen in the following years? Another bailout?
They say a hungry man is an angry man. There was a government that neglected workers welfare and we all know the story. This government should be reminded that what killed the mother hen is still very much around.
Thank you.