By Nyiter Fanen Andrew
Farmers in some part of Benue state expressed their happiness and smile as they gain heavily from their farm products such as Rice, Garri, and Palm oil. Etc. Rejoicing on the part of farmers despite economic hardship comes from the increase in price of locally produced agricultural products, commenting on the development some farmers share their happiness with our correspondent.

Speaking with on the development a local rice farmer by name Iorgyer from Ikurav-Ya, Kwande local government area says over the years he has been farming, this is his first time of selling a bag of rice twenty thousand Naira. He added that in those days he used to sale a bag of rice five thousand Naira {N5,000} but this season he is happy that his small Ijande gave him five bags of rice and he aimed N100,000 which in the past he could have less than twenty thousand Naira{N20,000}. In his words “I will go now and buy two bundles of zink and I will also send my children to school with just five bags, I am very happy.”

Expressing excitement on the same development Mr. Terngu, a local Garri producer shows his happiness over his two and half bags of Garri which he sold each bag eighteen thousand naira and the half nine thousand Naira {N9,000}comparing to the past he says before now he used to sale a bag four thousand five hundred {N4,500} and the half two thousand Naira {N 2,000}. Mr. Terngu added in his words “I am very excited because when I been go to the market, before I go come down from Okada machine, the buyer been already dey help me to loose my garri and e pay me quick quick. And I done get the money to buy my children clothes for this New Year and I go pay my children fees.”

On the related development Mrs. Ngodoo of Adikpo, Kwande, Benue State a local producer of palm oil says she gives thanks to God for every gift. As for her back in the years she sales a bottle of red oil N150 but now a bottle is N1,000. She added “I brought five bottles to market and I sold all at N5,000. I am happy, and by the time I will get home, I know my family too will be happy, because I will buy meat and all the good items for cooking and I believe the will enjoy.”

Concluding on this trend Mr. Iorfa of Usongo says although the farm products are going high in price, the same way other things in the market are also going, but the difference is the agricultural products are higher than other ones, so by this he thanked the federal government for considering farmers for he knows very well state government has not done any thing to help, talk less of even workers salaries are not even paid for months he added. Seen the trend most of these farmers who spoke with correspondent expressed their happiness in agricultural products saying they will put more effort for they have started enjoying their hand work.

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