Zazzi Ayali _ Mbagyaa in conjunction with Succeeders Music is on it again, a new era of exploring the  African rich culture to continue with this mission, the number one Succeeders Afro HipHop Rapper  and singer Zazzy Ayali has hit the street with "Mbagyaa" the title is creatively derived from the word guys which means nigas from the street.

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From this point Zazzy discusses mainly on the views that people have on guys which the artist further  states his angle and says ......

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The song is richly incline with influences From English and Tiv language respectively, which Zazzy has rhythemicaly proof it for standing out in Afro HipHop.

Take a movement download the song and your will be in love with the dictions Zazzy Ayali - Mbagyaa and be entertained, laugh and share.
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