A Poem By Alabar Michael

Here so standing, boldly like the lion,
Boys and girls, men and women
In black and white mixed attire,
Are the sons and daughters of Takuruku
A Gentle Tiv Boy,  photo by Wakes

Here so standing;
We have full jurisdiction,
And freedom of expression
In this conversation
To take a position
In our piece of information
With reality and zero confusion
To understand our tradition
And celebrate our origination
Speaking in our intonation,
The things of our possession.
Here so standing in full identification                            
Of Tivs’ with no rejection.
A bold people with full recommendation.
Judging from our phonics of communication
Through our dress combination
Crowned a won justification
That we are from TIV nation.
No doubt, no hesitation,
That TIV people have a large population,
With a wide circulation.
These call for full celebration,
And a laudable jubilation.

Oh thou orators;
Don’t communicate to complicate,
And implicate our people’s intellect.
Get your grandiloquence verbosity more elucidate.
Do appreciate and help us to indicate                              
Where to cross-check
If our tradition got incriminate
In order to re-authenticate
 When the missing is reconciliate.

So we shall rebrand our culture
And promote agriculture
With our own stature
And excellent furniture                                                   
To promote our culture
All in our own nature.                                                                                                               
This is no scripture,
Nor tidings for rapture.

As a people of intensive nobility.
Buried not to the evils of modernity                            
Even as with the marks of civility
We must bow with humility
To respect Takuruku of extreme integrity

Where change becomes possible
Make it understandable
And so comprehensible
As we are all able                                                                  
To stand against our troubles.
Now to our practice let us know which is consultable,
And truthfully reliable.
It must be pronounceable
Before we grumble and fumble


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