As humans we are never satisfied with ourselves  not to talk of the  emphasis we lay on the colossal need of appearing radiant,seductive and catchy which can be tangible or irrelevant.
 Every lady puts in at least an average effort in looking good , but the effort seems incomplete for some who must employ the use of cosmetics:from eye pen to mascara ,from mascara to eye plumer from eye plumer to something else ,we will only name them forever .
The question is why make up?
 Speaking to a student beautifician miss Dooember she said "ladies apply make up so as to help elude their imperfections, when this is done they feel a bit secured with psychological certainty because, it affects their relationship with people ".
From her words we can see without doubt that ladies who apply make up pay close attention to their flaws ,not minding whether people see it or not as far as it drives their doubt away.
  Make up as a facial compensation conductor, inherits the original feeling ladies have about their selves ,to make certain of this conclusion Praise (a model)said"to be honest ,make up gives me an undying confidence without bargaining with my inner self .with this assurance I can't remember going out without  makeup, I feel something is missing".

 Self esteem and confidence are joint elements of what make up produces,for some ladies it is largely  impossible to behave bold without makeup  and for others it could be different.
Make up sometimes creates its own attention which can produce a mistaken motive for its application.when an unknown source was asked whether make up could create its own attention, she said "well ladies can be cunning and intuitive when it comes to attention seeking and that is what make up  does".
  Here is a little advice,cosmetics is a saviour  but you have to realise the potentials your natural looks can synthesize, so that you don't ride in the mud when it's not available or important.

  You can not correct a flaw permanently using cosmetics ,you can only involve it for an ephemeral term.It's advised you embrace a permanent flaw most times but if you don't call it a flaw what then are you making up for?

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