By Harrison Titus
Mikel's comparison to Jay Jay Okocha May seem unreasonable but,  if you
know what logic permits then you will buy the next person to you a Bootle
of beer!

Mikel's rise to the big stage was painted in a rainbow of flattery, as he
was tipped to replace Jay-Jay Okocha who retired from the National

Conspicuous enough Mikel's impact on the pitch dwindled as a result of
change in position engineered by Mourinho,A defensive role was what he had
to settle for.

Mikel's contribution
Before his paltry performances Mikel's trade in th English premier league
inspired more Nigerian football fans to become regularly involved in the
league, today's Nigeria Chelsea fans are mostly Mikel's love product,Those
who did not support Chelsea had other choices (man utd, Arsenal &

   For a Nigerian player to appear over 350times for Chelsea, then I think
we should see him in a positive light, How many African players have
weathered the challenging storm of playing for so long in big a club as

  Even though he has lost his flair and unsullied elegance as the perfect
replacement for Jay- Jay ,Mikel has managed a successful career with
remarkable trophies to reminisce with when he halts his career.
Jay-Jay Okocha, a perfect designation of a football god ,a player with
awesome dribbling concoctions, yet his poor decision labelled him a
skeletal legend.

73 appearances 14 goals for the National team, a mediocre statistics, still
a hero!

From Psg to Bolton ,the fans will not forget the man they phrased "so good
they named him twice" he tried for them,he involved the team in consistency
and flexibility but his admirers were let down by his insistence to play in
a team with scanty dreams of showing him to the world, he realized this
later because the club wasn't interested in bringing players of his

We can see his love for mediocrity is strongerthan that of Romeo and
Julliet,he was the best player who never won the African best player award
only to settle for second twice.

In the department of trophies  Mikel surpasses, In the aspect of influence
in the football nationally take a look at the number of Chelsea fans in
Nigeria possibly the people interested in the English top flight
league.This had a bolt effect at igniting their interest.

Basically Mikel took a decision that paid off successfully, Okocha May have
been contented but his abilities told us a different tale.

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