Drug fated youths find it psychologically difficult to differentiate between a soft drink and a syrup, because  syrup (drug)becomes a muse and soft drink becomes  toxic.

  When a human is happy, a hormone called dopamine is secreted into the nervous system causing the obvious effect of happiness seen on the subject. Taking of cocaine and other hard drugs  such as marijuana, tramol etc induces this dopamine (called artificial stimulation of dopamine) hence the subject is always happy when there is supply of hard drugs in the bloodstream, Constant use of hard drugs rises the level by which the normal body dopamine is supposed to be secreted. Therefore it is noticed that the subject no longer feels happy because attaining a cloud-9 effect is dependent on the use of drugs so as to stimulate happiness i.e

    But the undying dogma relating to happiness and limitless love for drugs has influenced the youth who appear normal in an abnormal state of mind to exercise wierd character and utilize a possible chance to demonstrate violence.
  The effects could be:loss of interest in favourite activities, withdrawal from the society,Depression,Addiction and dependence,violent behaviour, mood swing .Studies have shown that the younger a person is when they start involving drugs the more they seem to develop a substance abuse problem and relapse later in life.

  Drugs  frequently abused as monitored by future study are:Marijuana,Tranquilizers or sedatives,Vicodin,cough medicine,Cocaine .In Africa, Marijuana, Cough medicine and Tranquilizers or sedatives are  very popular among healthy users(Users who are not ill ).

What should be done

  Governments in African states must protect the future of their countries by fighting the irrational sale and use of drugs.
 It must fight drug abuse because the abusers are not far from occultic gatherings,gangsterism and other nameless Peer groups.These abusers are keen lovers and benefactors from drug use,Drug abuse lurks within peer groups or like minds
 Parents must involve in forcing children out of isolation,asking questions when answers are in the dark.
 Youths backing their future are not far from limbo and future ostracism,They must accept the real truth and not their private truth,for the greatness of a people depends on them.
Drug abuse is a tricky start to an early grave ,but what if the abusers feel they are building armadas of ecstasy? They must change to survive a blindness with eyes open.

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