It's easier to see students staring at blank ceilings finding answers where there is none, than  seeing them talking academics all because of a brazen shortcut to exams success called Examination malpractice.
   The ridiculous aspect of this quagmire is the involvement of Parents,Icts,Teachers ,School owners and not forgetting the  referees of the acts "examiners "who play the piloting role in making sure success is ceaseless as expected by the parties.
   Every day students look helpless in examinations as a result of not avoiding the regretful stories told by their Seniors.The internet has inflicted on the mind of the students reasons to swim in laziness ,by having the exams neatly glued to the websites for purchase or download.
   Parents are like virus when in pursuit for a child's future.Why register your child for an Examination he/she isn't ready for?
  ICTs are world's mirror ,what you desire is awaiting online. In examinations internet is a modified Saviour,students find a way to communicate during exams using the internet.
  School owners and Examiners to an extent are eternal associates in this undying crime.It's very unfortunate and shaming to know that some examiners do not know the Exam centres they are assigned to.Their assessment ends either in a bar or somewhere we don't know or they are appreciated with brown envelopes.With this can we boost of any hope?.Some private schools have become evidently popular as a result of this "sit and wait exams".
 Nigeria has the highest number of exam irregularities among the five-member  countries of the West African Examination Council (Nigeria,The Gambia,Ghana,Liberia & Sierra Leone )according to the head of the National Office council,Mr Charles Eguridu.Nigeria contributes  75% of candidates who sat in last WAEC exams in the five west African states as taken by the Exams body.But the percentage alone shows the easy tendency to fall into criticism when considering the lopsided statistics.
  The Registrar of WAEC examination body Dr.Iyi Uwadiae during a forum in Lagos told NAN,that "It is very difficult to prevent malpractice ,because if a paper leaks,We are going to spend a huge sum of money to reprint".Now,why and how will an exam leak?,If properly secured ?i don't believe it's possible. The officials of examination boards must be scrutinized,eye opened and  bullied to accepting the transparent routine of fair examinations.
  Let's not forget; the examination papers leaking is the beginning of this unholy drama.
  In the May/June 2016 SSCE conducted by NECO a total of 615,016 cases of malpractice were recorded,In 2011 a total of 439,429 were recorded.It is only growing.
     Parents must understand the need to be patient with their wards (children)sometimes age affects learning.When a child is underage and isn't comprehending give him/her some time,there is no need to rush a cheetah for it will run at the right time.
   Examiners are middlemen between The Exam boards and the Students writing the Exams,but the problem is they think far off the convention, If the pay is the problem, The Exam Council should do something and if it's greed and fraudulent motivation spinning their professional world, then Law should be involved.
  Proprietors of schools must recognize they are building a nation with promising future and not a nation of palpable dummies and thin paper brains.
 The exam boards must strengthen their constitutional defences so  as to  know those who barricade transparency and  rightness .
  We can not fight with our hands tied ,we must first defeat our failure  before fighting a joint challenge.


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