For the youths and women who have completed the training organized for them by the Benue State Government, the real empowerment is the training not the money. The youths who benefitted from the training can now produce different items for commercial purposes. For them, this is priceless. Next, the state government will help them to acquire loans from financial institutions to be able to stand on their own.

All of us know the importance of knowledge in human capital development. Knowledge brings wealth. The Benue State Government may not have enough funds to give to all its youths to start business but what the government does not lack in stock is the capacity to create opportunities and links for youths of the state to grow.

A society which pays premium on training of its youths in vocations is surely on the march to greatness.
One important point to note is that the N100,000,000 released by the Benue State Government for youths of the state who have just completed skill acquisition training will not be given to individual beneficiaries. 

The funds will be given to them in clusters as cooperative societies in each of the 23 local government areas to enable them access greater financial facilities from Bank of Agriculture and other institutions for their empowerment. The beneficiaries have already formed the cooperatives and are ready for the funds. So the issue of N5,000 per beneficiary as insinuated in some quarters does not arise.

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