You are welcome to share your JAMB experience 2017 on the Nationwide Progress of the JAMB 2017 UTME, which begins on 15th May, 2017.

All JAMB UTME Candidates writing , Please use the comment section to update us every inch of the way, especially if you encounter any issues during the Exam.

This is a Live Updates thread, so let us know when you get to your center, and if at all there is any delay or problems experienced at your centre during the UTME.
Possible things that you may encounter:

- What was the verification process like?
- Were you required to power on the system? Or was it already powered on when you got there?
- Was it the same set of questions for every candidates and were the questions arranged in the same manner for all the candidates?
- How many questions were asked in each of the subjects?
- Was the time enough for you?
- Did the system shut down automatically (for those whose time finished before they were able to finish)?
-Was there any technical issue you encountered during the examination?
- What are the things you think are out of place or commendable in this year’s UTME.

Some comments from people who wrote:

tbarsh says;
"Hey beautiful, its all done and dusted for 25th May 7am batch which i was graciously part of.
Well, i just want to quickly share with the about-to-write nembers my experience...
• Firstly, just go alone with ur PEN & REG. SLIP only (colored or b&w)
• Be aware dat ur PHONES or BAGS would not b allowed with u into d hall, just prepare N50 or N100 depending on ur centre which u wud pay to d person specifically enployed to watch ova either ur PHoNes or BaGs.
• Make sure u must have read very well, bt if u are a guru already u'r gud to go BUT mind dont b over confident tho kos remenber d saying; "that pride comes b4 a fall" .... B careful nd believe in GOD.
• You're allowed only 120mins... Meaning u'v got just less than a minute to by-pass each question nd 200 questions alltogether..
°°° Here d main thing, Particularly to Science student who's got lots to calculate on.. BE WISELY SUPER FAST
• NOTE: Do d ones you know quickly and dont let d difficult ones delay u, just sumply next it to d next question and do d one u know FOR u can still go Back nd answer d ones you initially skiped
• For swift sailing and navigation, I wud advice u make use of d KEYBOARD.
°°°||°°° Success to us ALL°°°||°°°"

Esthybella1 says ;
"Its 180 questions.u can use either mouse or keyboard.I used both.mouse to scroll and keyboard to answer. Its easier using keyboard to answer.just put ur mouse cursor on next so that as u press ur answer,u can just click on next.instead of unnecessarily scrolling to and time ososcillation".

Tbarsh says;
"Maths: study Locu, statistics, inequalities well
English: as usual, nearest and opposite in meanings, know ur vocabularies well - it's cheap tho
Biology: study Cells and Bones very well
Physics: study gama and x-rays, prisms- reflection refraction priciples, balance beam and oscillation"

kendoodogwu says ;
"for maths study inequalities, differential calculus, set, angles, permutations and combinations, logarithms, matrices and determinants, probability, statistics.
for physics study matter, mirrors, electricity, expansion, sound waves, dispersion of light, transformers. just to mention a few. for those writing physics, chemistry and maths, you have to be very fast. no time"

"1 Comment on "Day 2: JAMB 2017 UTME Exam 15th May – Share Your Experience"
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Jamb 2017 is a mess , its with tears in my eyes I write this .how will jamb fix an examination for 7am is that official hour, is there an aim to make people frustrated , coming from a far distance how do you expect to meet up , and they are telling me they closed the server , what nonsense ,are you the one writing the exam, doesn’t it depend on my capacity anymore , this is the reason people chooses to go abroad to study because Nigeria has made it difficult to gain an admission…"

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