By: Ashwe Raphael
Since the unfortunate incident that befell the social critic, philanthropist and humanitarian, Ukan Kurugh, the young man has remained silent on the issue and has preferred to take appropriate legal and security actions. The much publicity given the incident has been and is being done by people who recognize and sympathize with him for the humble role he has played on humanity within the state. While it is note-worthy to state that, politicians have cashed in on the event to either render propaganda or insults, the man has remained calm and has refrained from commenting publicly on the issue as my interaction with him revealed.

I sincerely appreciate those who have given a matured interpretation to it and who have rather condemned such an attack. The Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Terver Akase did well, when he condemned the attack in totality and urged security agencies to do the needful. However, the inordinate conduct of some persons has shown off the poor quality of leadership in them, some of them as even image makers of the government and some political parties. It may therefore be pertinent to bring the event to you as one who was at the locus inco.

After a very peaceful event in Gboko (LEAD Benue Symposium) which was held at the JS Tarka Institute of Political Studies, which I also attended, while some of us departed for Makurdi, Ukan Kurugh in company of others who attended the occasion made for Igyo-Ikpen, an outdoor bar opposite Wishden Hotels, Gboko to have a rest.

While there, a man signaled to him to come over and when he approached the man, who was with 2 other guys dressed in Becky Orpin's T-Shirts and face caps. The man inquired whether he was Ukan Kurugh and when he answered in the affirmative, the man accused him of writing against their leader and party and warned Ukan to desist forthwith or face their wrath. At that Ukan retorted that, he was not afraid of whosoever and was only a constructive critic and a humanitarian and then left them back to join his friends, with a feeling that, that was the end of their discussion.

Moments later, Ukan received a call and left the table where he sat with his friends due to the noise and moved meters from them to receive the call in peace when the 2 boys who were in Becky Orpin's shirts approached him with the request that, they wanted to break words with him. He told them he was on a phone call and that he would talk to them when through. At that point, one of the 2 boys later identified as Williams Atumbugh - a self acclaimed APC Youth Leader of GRA, Gboko summoned that, Ukan be moved outside to be dealt with. At this point 9 other young men had joined the other 2 and started assaulting Ukan Kurugh with kicks, slaps and punches.

His friends who were not in the know of all this were alerted by a voice that shouted that it is Ukan Kurugh was the one being bitten. At that, his friends hurriedly approached the 11 men and in the process they fled the scene but one whom luck ran out on, was caught and severely bitten by the people who were also patronizing the joint (There is a video to affirm to this).
While the place had become calm again, someone received a call that, the boys who ran had gone to mobilize and would soon be back with arms, it was on that ground that, Ukan with his friends departed for Makurdi, for fear of further harm. This event occurred at about 5pm that day. Other responsible citizens of the state were there and can corroborate the facts raised here; Aondover Utsaha, Atom Lim, Sam Ijohor, Agernor Agernor and many others.

Now, Ukan Kurugh did not and has not raised any alarm about the unfortunate event that happened to him, people who witnessed what happened and know him took to the social media. Take it or leave it, the man has endeared himself to the hearts of many for the role he is playing in alleviating the plight of the less privilege.

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