It's just barely about two weeks ago that the Gov. Samuel Ortom
administration in Benue state marked second year in office like many
other states and the President Buhari led federal government. Even
before the second anniversary of the administration, the Gov. was
endorsed by some allies for a second term which is two years away.

Prominent among them is Senator Jack Gyado who received the bashing of
his life for what has been described by the people as a "pocho"
seeking utterance. "Pocho" simply means stew. It is a humiliating, at
the same time humorous way of describing one who defends a government,
especially a non performing one, for the sake of what enters into his
pocket. The Senator was reminded of his abysmal performance during his
days in the Red Chamber. And just over the weekend, former President
Olusegun Obasanjo was reported to have endorsed Governor Samuel Ortom
for a second term. His basis for such a hurried endorsement was said
to be the recommissioning of renovated projects including the School
of Nursing and Midwifery within Makurdi Metropolis which he performed
the relaunch.

Another reason, according to reports, was the placards carrying
supporters of the governor during the project inspection and
recommissioning who chanted second term bid song for the gov. Some
have said they were rented. It was revealed that the former President
was in the state for the wedding of one of his aides from the state
and the state government took advantage of his visit to score a
political point. Whether it did score, is a subject of debate.

Back to the focus of this post, which is on the second term
endorsement of Gov. Ortom. Ordinarily, nothing would have been wrong
with it, if he was "performing". I just came back from Makurdi and
what I saw was a sorry state capital as usual. The old state capital
has no pipe borne water, no traffic and street lights, it is dark at
night such that a friend could not join me for a drink just about past
8 in the evening for fear of whatever. Salaries are owed some workers
for up to ten months. My Alma mater, the Benue State University, BSU
Makurdi has been on strike for months now for non payment of
entitlements. The majority of the people, except those around the
corridors of power, are suffering untold hardship. You dare not say
the truth in Benue. Elders are afraid of telling the truth in order
not to forfeit plate of porridge. Some youths which their future is
being destroyed by such administrations will rain abuses on the few
who can say it as it is. We will know them from comments to this post.

Truth, no matter how bitter it is, must be told. Should we begin to
endorse a governor battling with first term which is just half way, we
may be further distracting him and making his job more difficult for
him. Besides, if the governor sought first term and got it somehow, it
would have been honourable for the generality of the people to have
championed his second term bid, based on his performance. But,
unfortunately, it came from the would-be beneficiary in response to
threats by the people to vote him out come 2019. On several occasions,
the governor and his allies have bluntly boasted of a hitch free
second term bid, given that, his first term bid was like taking
"swallow with pepper", now that it is "swallow with beneseed and
chicken soup" it's "automatic", coined from his name. And I ask, who
is going to vote who? Is he relying on the people's votes or he is
"trusting God" it's going to be the way they know how best to do? It
must be noted that, government is not a residence. It is a platform
for service delivery. And only those who can offer service to the
people who are desperately in need of it should be allowed to serve.
Over the years, particularly since 1999 to date, the state has been
held back from development by leaders who are not service to the
people oriented.

That is why we are confronted with plethora of challenges, making us
confused as to what next to do. Not that it took us time to realize
this, but we have been docile about it, paving the way for the selfish
politicians to manipulate their way. The choice is ours to continue in
perpetual penury in the midst of plenty or redirect ourselves to
liberation. Only the truth shall set us free. I want to be free.

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