Double Identity is a crusading feature of the current child.Parents have undying and confident dogma of  thinking the child is still the same as yesterday,But you and I know it's  impossibility is as long as the Nile river.
   Decision making is a spurring factor of discipline, When Children who are used to parents making decisions for them get tertiary  institutions and are fazed with making decisions  they definitely make the improper ones ,Sometimes the improper decisions can be amended and when they are not the fatality can only be imagined.
   When parents seem too clingy and a Child feels he needs some privacy then it becomes a secret problem.When he feels he deserves a special space to make his decisions he means it and the little opportunity he encounters  he sings Kumbaya !kumbaya!.For example,When a Son or Daughter is in the campus or university surrounding he may choose a church he feels meets his religious ambitions and snub the one he attends at home  until he returns home  ,only then he becomes a dedicated member of a church denomination he betrayed.

 The University is used here ,because  it's the youth's ultimate expression and experience zone.In the case of drug abuse some children are drug enthusiasts in school but at home they are allergic to medicine advertisements.So how can Parents know when your children is displaying chameleon's instincts?
    The issue of double identity is a growing malaise, Not because parents are not caring its because of lack of communication, the clingy habits of parents because of insecurity .
   It's wrong if communication is a problem, because you can not win a lost fight.It's a no way.
Parents must talk, they must hit hard on the things they feel is shameful for the kids to know , Because those shameful things are more important.Pre marital sex,Sex education and Drug abuse.
   Parents must allow their children to make affordable mistakes and decisions,Because these mistakes should happen earlier in their life than later when they are on their own.
   Well,the imaginary fence between the parents and Children is real and important to break or it will break the creators.

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