Marriage is a lifetime sacrifice that requires discipline,emotional fitness and Empathy to succeed ,But present day extravagant  Wedding Ceremonies seem to fully summarize the actual reality.
     A woman's social networking instincts distracts her from her actual capabilities,  As a result of the raging need to topple her friends or perceived foes  as the best.And when it comes to weddings, it's like a Messi & Ronaldo affair. She struggles to make her wedding better her friend's for the sake of a less than important fanfare.
     Men have bathed their ego in the circus of pressure just to meet  up with the demands  of a Wedding that last for few hours.Don't relent to take note of men who dance at their wedding receptions with their heads staring at the floor ,Some used that time to think on how to pay the debts after the wedding.The man can not totally depend on wedding gifts ( Monetary gifts)to help pay these debts as many of the guests come empty handed ,yet eat and hands-up for free drink(s).
     When Weddings take place, Younger Women are not after the Solemnity and Well wishing Gestures alone they focus their lenses on the decorations, the combo of colours ,the kind of Songs played ,the the class of guests invited and above all the dressing of the Bride (Ultimate).Yet people are not equal,this we must consider.
   Women should try to know more about the Man's(Husband to be's)Financial strength ,So as to help mitigate or lower the budget for the wedding.Do not kill what is already dead
    Men must swallow their pride and work according to their pockets. They know what their strength can produce. You can not go into wedding plans and borrow a large sum of Money like its an investment,Its a celebration. If you can't plan ,you simply find efficient Event planners to help you out.
    The Husband and Wife to be must come down to earth,they must infect each other of their truth and avoid a future turmoil.
  Marriage is a blessing,Wedding Ceremonies promotes the Union ,let's not confuse a need for a want.They come so similar  yet they (words)are very different .

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