It is with a deep heart that i write this short epistle seeing what is
happening in my beloved state. I share in the pains of the great Hero
of Ibo nation Odumegwu Ojukwu who with serious displeasure having
invested his time and money in the struggle for Biafra, came to a
bitter part seeing the molestation and terro that came on his people,
he wrote a speech and in his words of bitterness and pain said
"Today you send us milk and sugar and tomorrow another plane is
heading to Lagos with arms and amunitions, whats the purpose? Why
prolong the agony"

Today is another bitter pill we all have to swallow in the hands of a
political party we all wanted to die for, not because APC was the best
party but we just wanted a taste of another soup, but here is the
realism of the African adage which says "Until you taste another soup,
you will never know how sweet your mother cooks" the worst days of PDP
brought us a better glimmer of hope than the best days of APC, PDP was
not this bad in their first two years.

The same fingers that pressed the card same you are bitting. Today you
send us list of who become our Local Government Chairmen, majority of
the voters are at home because they cant see their favourite
contestants name on the voting papers. Whats the purpose? Why dont you
just make an announcement rather than keep us at home, restricting
movement? Why prolong the agony already in our hearts?
Our Benue Our Pain

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