Lubem Terkula, I must categorically state that, your type of courage
is what will need, it is a wonderfull landmark you have created, I
love the spirit in you that makes you the you the you are. Well done
the peoples' comrade.
Some post from some people:
Lubem Terkula :
Comr Terkula Isaac LUBEM with the secretary general of # Asuu .
For those of u insulting me pls note that am not an exco of SUG or NUBESS.
am just ordinary floor student fighting for others, all this groups
have denied not knowing me.

Akaa Joshua:
I want to start by saying great nigerian students.
Comr. Lubem terkula. I know the burden you put on your shoulder by
organizing a peaceful protest.
You were arrested yesterday 9:00pm for constituting a mob action, but
luckly someone order for your release(best known to us) some
hypocrites, psychotic who are not prudent were calling you names like
2baba protest schem (laugh) let me remind them that they are also
student and they have the right as a nigerian student as recommended
in the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria
respectively to carry out protest. You are an aspiring student student
seeking for the post of SU PRESIDENT. Permitte me to enroll you
automatic because you have prove beyond expectation without doubt. To
drop the curtains.
You organized a protest that brings the presence of the secretary
general ASUU BSU chaphter and NUBESS chairman appealing that
everything will be solved within one week.
Dr. Akaa Joshua ceo.CRV.FF,LAC,
Social activist
Very fast in QWERT

Felixo Femzy:
In BSU we have lots of departmental presidents,senators Su nd Nubess
Excos representing we the students we also have lots of asparants both
at the department,Su nd Nubess levels yet all these people kept silent
and never bothered to even say anything abt the BSU ASUU strike nt to
even talk of organing a protest... Until one Mr Lubem Terkula who is
ordinary a floor student summoned courage to organized a peaceful
protest,out of the scarce resources he still made sure he organized a
protest nd even made sure it came this just him alone
Witout backup /support from Su or ,Nubess they even denied him when he
called on them...yestaday he was arrested detained,tourched,threatened
nd was released this morning on the base that he shud and must Call of
the protest, this made him gaveup ..pls let's stop insulting this
guy,accusing him of collecting bribe e.t.c but let's be rational/
logical of the pressure that made him gaveup in a way the massage has
been conveyed nd I salute u comr LUBEM Terkula for the courage,
boldness and braveness # # istand wit u

Ogbu Ogaga Andrew Pedro
BSU students, No understanding
This guy Lubem Terkula as a regular student like every other student...
We were sent home with none of you thinking of what to do
He rose up,organised this protest and made it come this far.You think its easy?
He was arrested last night and threatened and only released this
morning and here you are blaming him
Where are the SUG care takers eating our money? did you ever bothered asking?
This same SUG that dont know what to do but Terkula helped them still
went ahead to deny him...How shameless
Which ever way you see it,this guy
# Comr .Luberm_Terkula is a # Hero
He is just but inspiring and am sure if he is given a chance to
lead,he would do much more
Which ever way you see it, a message has been sent to the government
Let's pray,hope,wait and see.Its just a week
Dear Lubem Terkula I know you just too well
I stand by you and admire you bravery.Keep it up
Up Lubem for Sec Gen

# Aluta_Continua

Odino Favsman:
Police didn't harass anybody, infact they told us that they were on
outside that almost all of them have kids and wards in our
school...........mind u, police didn't stop us, The ASUU SECRETARY
GENERAL BSU CHAPTER came to appeal to us himself, a lecturer not
police, let's jetison that illusion that police harassed and arrested

Odino Favsman:
d only reason why dy didn't allow the protest today was because of the
swearing-in of local govt chairpersons, its not a crime to protest,
but at least they heard our cry and dey promised to act on it within

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