The core of  pitfalls and mistakes of girls in the adolescence world is th management of unwanted pregnancies.
  It's a lucid and unfortunate truth to know that ladies are the most vulnerable gender,When it comes to sexual commitments.And some have rehearsed the mistake called abortion over and over to the extent of calling  it a minor.
  Sometimes when passion, urge and sexual drive culminates the failure in reasoning,It becomes difficult to be aware of the lack of protection. But who cares as far as desire is seeking explosion?Nobody! ! Till they meet.
     Now,there's something more to this capricious endeavour that militates continuity and inability to give a foetus(baby)chance to survive.
The Men or boys infected with adolescence who helped in promoting the pregnancy project ,Most times deny their starry role and thereby, making it miserable for the girl or woman.And at a tender age unplanned pregnancy may lead to depressive isolation, disregard and maltreatment, But why enter a hole smaller than your body? You will definitely find it difficult coming out.
   Ladies or girls who are in the  fond trappings of killing  growing babies (foetus )  are not far from murderers be it their fault or not.You should be clear about your disadvantage,For you bear the end result.Multiple intake or abuse of contraceptives (ante or post) could lead to  a reproductive jeopardy and The consequences come at moments when we are desperately looking for a baby we destroyed earlier.
   Mr.Ogbu Bob Silver a clinic Owner in an interview with Total man said "Abortion is an inhuman response to the inability to cope with pregnancy".I concur with his claim,for there are better ways to handle unwanted pregnancies.
   For a start make sure you are protected, The use of condoms must be exercised so as to avoid the  surprise story.
Do not bank on promises of being taken care of when there is no evidence ,precisely do not trust someone on a one night stand .It is usually fake and intangible.
  The abortion experts must be penalised so that other quacks can learn from their fate.
  The religious guidance on abortion alone  tilts the decision (to abort)as an ill and unlimited degree of  murder.So,let our guilt be our sentinel  when abortion comes to our minds,It must be stopped or it will remain the usual girls and their mistakes

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