The member house of representative for KONSHISHA/VANDEIKYA
constituency has touched more lives than GEMADE and ORTOM put

Our problem in this state is not APC, our problem is baked within some
individuals who are bent on taking the state into ALMAGADON

With HEMBE, people who never dreamed of driving cars in their life
time , now cruise round town in newly purchased automobiles.

Hon Herman HEMBE can best be described as MR INFRASTRUCTURE.
The effect of his medical programs have been felt all over Benue.

One begins to wonder why a member of the lower chamber at the national
assembly can gather funds to execute such gigantic projects when a
governor in the same state will be celebrating, renovation of school
of nursing, building of parameter fence at Bsu, purchase of wheel
barrows etc as his major projects after two years in office.

Hon HEMBE, our prayers are with you, the alphabets might continue to
be there oh yes, but the inherent goodness in you which goes beyond
APC PDP should never be erased.

The wicked will never be comfortable with your existence and
achievements thereof, but God in his infinite mercies will continue to
bless and reward you.

Let it not be a TALKING business alone, those who feel threatened
should go to the field to gather support from the real voters.

By the instrumentality of the entire JERCHIRA youths I say you are blessed.

By the instrumentality of our dear God in heaven I say Go yee and conquer.

Looking forward to more of your humanitarian services.

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