NIGERIA today is faced with the fundamental problem of a shaky educational system that is breading mediocres to occupy public offices & render services.
Let's start with QUOTA SYSTEM: this is the process of sharing public offices in Nigeria to various ethnic groups or blocks in the name of Fair & equitable representation.

People are just recruited into positions that is not their calling, ie to fill the blank spaces. The irony of the whole situation is that, someone sits in his house & the next thing is your father, brother, uncle, Bishop, pastor, classmate, political associate etc will just call you to report & complete an employment form.

"GBAM" you are employed and expected to anchor a task you are not interested or prepared for or your calling & the society is made to suffer because that position is not your calling but simply allocated.

Do you know that some unborn privileged children get employed in Nigeria before they are born?, because their parents are in "position".

2) The proliferation of schools where schools germinate every where like mushroom with out standards because of the crave for money is breeding half baked products in the society. In fact you can hear in daily transaction where some trader will ask you if you want original or Taiwan & people are happily bargaining & the society keeps quite & is helpless.

Sorry to Nigerians, this is applied to drugs sold openly in shops and pharmacies unquestioned and the society suffers.

3) Our schools curriculum has been overloaded with examinations; JSCE, MOCK, WAEC, NECO..Infact JSCE which was supposed to be a placement examination based on a child's calling has failed and is of no effect & the system is yet to realize that it has failed and the system is still pushing a death horse, because no body places any student anywhere.
The resultant effect is that when this examination is been written, classes in most schools are disrupted.

The same applies to MOCK examination. Now the issue of NECO & WAEC remains an overambitious venture, when students are writing MOCK EXAMINATION, teaching & learning are disrupted & the students are unable to cover their syllabus before jumping into another examination either NECO or WAEC depending on which one comes first, when these students have not covered the syllabus.

What do you expect to get from an average student who has been overloaded with examinations without teaching. That is why you experience mass failures.

Universities entry requirements for admissions is five credits but some students end up getting eighteen (18) credits, "Na WAO".

Since the syllabus has not been covered, the students must cheat with the aid of quota system parents, some teachers & well wishers.

What do you produce in such a situation, MEDIOCRES. The students have to be pushed to acquire paper qualification because a projected anticipated employment is waiting somewhere.

Why even politicize education, WAEC is controlled in the south, while NECO is controlled in the North, for Heaven's sake?

4) Day school system: during the good old days when boarding school was the general practice, adolescent vices were minimized as students were tamed in conduct & character in schools before been let loose in the society with a shaped character, in fact broken bottles behaviours in students were repaired in boarding school system, such that on holidays most parents were surprised in the apparent changes they observed in the conduct & character of their children.

Today children live their houses for school & most at times never get there. They don't even know their teachers, they hang around in odd corners indulging in all manner of bad behaviors detrimental to societal growth. The school system has to be overhauled & sanitized. Parents attitude to encourage their wards to become monsters & societal ills is another worrying factor. I have witnessed a situation where a parent barged into a school & attacked a teacher for reprimanding his ward for bad behavior just because they are been opportuned to be selected or allocated position in government or public office. The question is what then do you expect from that type of child towards the society, "trouble".

The Nigerian society has systematically nurtured bad behavior & violence in their children that constitute nuisance today in our communities & every one is reaping the result, ranging from theft, insincerity, cultism, kidnapping, armed robbery, corruption, falsehood etc, you will then turn around & cry to God for help on your collective action of neglect.

God will not answer you unless you change your attitude of neglect in order to reap peace & progress, otherwise the Nigerian society will or shall sink, which already is in comma.

The crude method of doing every thing has brought about the get Rich quick syndrome that has infested the whole Nigerian community including the Church which is supposed to teach & inculcate positive moral values & virtues, has become a magical place of performing & profounding magical & miraculous wealth instead of hard work.

Our educational institutions have become a similar environment where scores are sold & purchased @ various prizes & morals, dignity & integrity has been thrown to the dogs.

The good ones amongst them should rise up & help transform & sanitize both the religious & academic environment to regain it's lost glory. I rest my Case for now

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