In the game of football for instance, substitutions are made by coaches after reading a match. Many a times the players who go in make huge difference. They change the game, score goals or create passes that lead to scoring of goals. And the match is won. Even when the changes do not bring about the desired outcome, the coaches are free from blame because they are seen to have done their best though. But in many cases, such changes yield positive results. MINDA have played the match beyond half time. The result is barrenness of goals. It has been complaints of why goals are not scored. At the end of the game, MINDA won't be given the trophy because it had good reasons for not scoring. The sole determining factor for getting the trophy would be number of goals scored, NOT why goals were not scored.

The late Aper Aku has written his name and that of his Kwande people in gold for providing visionary leadership in Benue state. Same as the late Rev. Fr. Moses Adasu did for himself and his Jechira kinsmen, even with a very short stay on the pitch. It sad that the people of Jemgbah, with the avalanche of better players could not make substations when it mattered most. Same as Sankera. Today, both
Jemgbagh and Sankera can be blamed for the retrogression of the state from glory to inglorious state. Perhaps, the next generations from Jemgbagh and Sankera may have the opportunity of writing their names in the list of Aper Aku and Moses Adasu, if Christ tallies to return. But, till then, they carry the name of failure unfortunately, just because they did not start the match with the best players, neither did they substitute when the ovations were loudest.

Part of the reasons for this inaction were simply compromise and bribe taking by the coaches. MINDA is on the verge of joining the league of the failures. Bribe givers and takers are sounding the trumpet of "No Shaking", the type that pushed GEJ down the valley. On the other divide, people of conscience and lovers of the state, and MINDA in particular, are sounding a note of warning for MINDA to substitute it's player. The player is bad, he knows he is bad, he will do everything including bribery and the unholiest, to remain in the match. He just wants to play full time. Winning the match is not his priority but getting his full match bonuses and allowances are his considerations. This no doubt this is selfish and against the wish of the state. The elders are the coaches.

Those on the bench can equally encourage the elders to make a good substitution by zeroing in on few players for the coaches to take a final stand. The elders must also know that some of the players on the bench are ready to take bribe from the player on the field for them to remain on the bench and enjoy their bribes in their corners while the goalless player remains on the field purposelessly. MINDA elders, you have the yam and the knife, the people are watching the decision you will take, either to write your name on the list of Kwande and Jechira, or Jemgbagh and Sankera. The decision is yours, and it's critical indeed.


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