"I believe in my father land
We can take a stand
We can rise again
I believe in a New Nigeria"

"I believe in my father land
We can take a stand
We can smile again
I believe in New Nigeria"
Do you believe in a New Nigeria?

Austine Ikpe is a prolific gospel music artiste from Benue state fostering the new Nigeria movement. His inspiration came from the happenings around; from political crises to in-depth corruption and the injustice to the poor masses.

He is dropping a song on the 28th of august and he titled it “NEW NIGERIA.” He believes music is more than just rhythm and sound but a means of communicating hope to the world. His inspiration is basically God and humanity.

Austin Ikpe believes in a ‘one Nigeria’ and he believes there is hope. He said ‘New Nigeria is a song that came to him 2 years ago. If you listen to the song, you hear lines like ‘the giant rising again’.

He also said the Nigeria we are now is not the NIGERIA we want for our children so there is need for a change and he believes with a collective effort of everyone we can build a Nigeria we want and will love to live in, so we have to take responsibility for our lives, Nation and next generation through laying a solid foundation. New Nigeria is a movement.

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