Ukan Kurugh beaten again? Some Benue youth have no conscience, only following politicians up and down, been a yes boy, go and kill, go and beat, these are the only jobs.

It is disheartening, It can be recall that Ukan was beaten in Gboko by thugs Alleged to be APC led in the locale, this is the second time that Ukan Kurugh has been beaten by thugs. The first time was in Gboko, now in Makurdi. All the alleged words you hear are; this is the man that has been writing against the government, he has been against Ortom. Most every one support or follow blindly?

Ukan Kurugh is a Social Media Activist and humanitarian. I wonder why critics have become animals in the hands of the of thugs.
He was one of first people who reported Benue Flood to the world via TVC News, BBC Radio and so on.

Why do we kill our future by our very selves? Benue Youth wise up, you beat a courageous fellow for a pucket money, are you senseless? where will it take you to?  Stop been a yes boy, go and kill, go and beat, vijue milk journalists and writers. Enough is Enough for this ugly incidents.

The  report below is by Kula N. Tersoo on incident.
UKAN KURUGH: Gov Ortom's Eye Service not Convincing.

After a combined team of Governor Samuel Ortom and Sen. George Akume thugs descended and terribly manhandled a known humanitarian, Ukan Kurugh at the IDP camp, International Market today, the victim who left the camp for fear of his life returned on information that Governor Ortom was at the camp.

He made straight to the Governor and told him what had transpired calling out names of his attackers who, as expected were also known to the Governor.

He went further to point to the direction the thugs were standing which was a little distant from their benefactor.

It was then that the Governor, the Chief Security Officer of the state called out the names of two of the thugs and started scolding them, but still from afar.

He turn around and told the victim to decide on what to do, either to forgive his attackers or report them to the police. Simplicita!

Wow!!! What a Governor!! What a CSO!!!

For crying out loud, there are policemen attached to the IDP camp. There are vigilante at the place. I think "JTF too.

The Governor on his convoy has yet another security attaché.

I wonder what stopped the Governor from ordering the arrest of the hoodlums who he saw and were within the camp as at the time the report was made to him.

I know Ukan Kurugh on succeeded in promoting those "good boys" by confirming that they
did their assignment. The "boys" would later receive their pay for a job well done.

Sewuese Apeverga had this to say:


It is one thing to hear that Ukan Kurugh was beaten up by thugs today at the International market IDP camp, it is another to have been there and witnessed it first hand. I am still trembling from memories from that scene. It is so so disheartening to see youths display such cruelty and viciousness just because they want to obtain favour from desperate politicians.

Now let's get some things clear;

1. The thugs accused Ukan of taking damaging pictures of the camp situation and posting online to discredit the governor. They also accused that he has been insulting the governor for a long time.

2. The attack on Ukan Kurugh was well intended and planned. The thugs knew that the governor was coming to the camp to receive Sen. Gemade's donations so they came and beat up Ukan so the governor would know they are working.

3. All the security operatives on the camp stayed back and watched as he was being beaten without any intervention except for one DSS man.

4. After carrying out the attack the thugs did not leave the camp immediately, they stayed until the governor came and left. Yes, they stayed back and that is because they have backing from above. If they didn't, they wouldn't have dared to stay back, but they were certain that the governor wasn't going to do anything to them so they stayed. Such show of impunity.

5. Not surprisingly, the governor did nothing about it when the matter was reported to him. All he did was a simple denial that he didn't ask anyone to beat up Ukan on his behalf, he said he knows that the media updates from Ukan and other people on the camp is what has attracted a lot of attention to the Benue flood so he couldn't be annoyed with anyone for reporting on camp situations. He further said Ukan can could report the matter to the police or forgive the thugs if Ukan chooses.

Now, this is where it doesn't add up. For a governor who claimed to be appreciative of the role Ukan and other volunteers are playing in bringing succour to the flood victims, one would have expected the governor to be visibly angry with the thugs, requested the security operatives to apprehend the thugs and bring them to him there on the camp, scolded them publicly and handed them over to the commissioner of police. That is the way to show displeasure.

6. It doesn't make any sense that a humanitarian worker should be attacked and beaten in the place and manner they did. And to think that the governor treated the matter casually leaves a lot more to be desired.

7. I am therefore withdrawing my volunteering services from the camp to the communities.

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