Benue State monthly wage bill is put at 7.8bn by the present administration. 
4.2bn for state workers, 1.8bn for Primary School Teachers and 1.6bn for Local government staff gives a total of around 7.6bn. Perhaps, the extra 200 million Naira is for pension. 

The Suswam administration claims it left a monthly wage bill of 2.7bn for state workers and a maximum of 3bn for both Primary School Teachers and Local Government staff, which is equal to 5.7bn maximum. 
Why the 2.1bn difference between Suswam and Ortom administrations' wage bills? 

On assumption of office, the present administration sacked all those employed between 2012 and 2015, about 2000 of them.
Instead of the wage bill dropping from 5.7bn, why did it skyrocket to 7.8bn?

How can the Ortom government substantiate the claim that the last administration is responsible for the bogus wage bill? 
Why is the state government unable to clear backlog of salaries after collecting 28bn bailout, over 18bn trenches of refunds, undisclosed billions of loans, hundreds of billions FAAC and IGR? 
How can the Governor exonerate himself from the ghost worker debacle which is alleged to be responsible for the high wage bill? 
If truly he does not know how come about the ghost workers, it simply shows he is not in charge. 

The last administration left a backlog of 4 months salaries, and paid half salaries to workers. 
The present administration pays full salaries but is now owing 6, 10 and 12 months for state workers, primary school teachers and local govt staff as well as pensioners respectively, due to the latest payment of 2 months’ salary arrears.
Who is saying the truth?

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