Zazzi Ayali Ft. Rapizo - Kwagh La Doo o

Zazzy Ayali Ft. Rapizo - Kwagh La Doo o
    Zazzy Ayali – the Succeders’ shining star, is a multi-talented artiste;  he does trap, pop singer, dancer and performer who has passion in promoting indigenousness. Rapizo, the Pride of Middle Belt, is also a well seasoned, award winning artiste.

    On the verge of appreciating the African richly blessed indigenous culture, Zazzy and Rapizo have gone extra miles to unveil the uniqueness in every aspect of a character in this highly interesting song with classical melody.  The artistes have shown excessive quality in vocals to satisfy everyone who has pleasure and curiosity in listening, appreciating and correcting immoral acts in our society.

    They have done their part; now is left for you to do the judgment by providing an answer to this question – Kwagh La Doo? The title is creatively derived from an indigenous language in Africa which means “Is that morally right?”

    You can’t wait to get the song and discover some wrongs which are highly described and questioned by the artistes with this categorical question “Kwagh La Doo?”.

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