We Love MR GEORGE AKUME But I Don't Think Some of Us Would Still Endorse or Support SENATOR GEORGE AKUME and His Leadership

Recently, I received a wide range of opinions about 'our' stand on matters relating to the 'Leader.' It is more appropriate to referenced our position on issues of Benue rather than the one that concerns an individual. Some people (some of my friends inclusive) are quick to accuse us of insulting Akume. I was so sure they meant to say we CRITICISE him. There's a wide gulf of difference between the two words. A quick search on an online dictionary reveals the meaning thus:

the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes.


speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.
For sure, I am very good at (a) above and very bad at (b). I don't do it, not even on my juniors/younger ones. It is morally reprehensible. But we criticise to express our disapproval. When our compatriots, especially the elders in political leadership, make deliberate mistakes and exude so much ineptitude, illegalities and callousness, and we continue to keep quite or ratify such acts, then we'd be contributing to the moral paralysis and socio-political quagmire that has gripped our society.

The faults pervading our Benue political realm are majorly caused by Senator Akume. Simplicita! As a direct victim of his political callousness and untrustworthiness in leadership, I speak from experience and precedence.
Mr George Akume and Senator George Akume are two separate personalities. Mr Akume is one of the most humane individuals I have ever come across. He is humility personified. He is philantrophic as well as a very simple great man. He loves very much and he is well loved in return.
However, Senator George Akume; the Senator representing me and my family in the upper chamber of the National Assembly and the APC leader of Benue State, who's also known by his big supporters as "Oracle" is all together a different person!

His over-10 years in the Senate of the Federal Republic is without spice nor colours. There is no any major Bill passed with his name attached. He has not moved any hugely significant Motion of National Importance either. He is supposed to be a major national player but has preferred to condenscend to perennially playing local politics with the delusion that he'll always hold the aces. This inadequacy is a reflection of the kind of young people that he prioritises, and a major indictment on the people around him, and on his array of aides.

Senator Akume's presence in the Senate and his political leadership at this point calls for great concern. I don't believe he doesn't care about what affects us; I believe he just doesn't know! Senator/Oracle/Leader Akume believes in politics where desperation, gossip and deceit are rewarded while hardwork, diligence, commitment and right values are scorned. To him, words like "justice" "equity" "transparency" "due process" and "devotion to nationalism" are mere nomenclatures with no positive meaning. To his credit, 'impunity' and 'dishonesty' have become a constant denominator in the Benue political lexicon.

All his actions point to the inevitable conclusion that he's more interested in the next election than in the next generation. His continued leadership would means we are irrevocably bound to a tragic past. I would always prefer a Mr George Akume in leadership than a Senator George Akume (the Oracle). I want a greater Benue and a brighter Benue North-West District. Therefore, my insignificant one vote and that of those aligned to me can never go to Senator George Akume nor his kind of leadership again! Our society has suffered distortions, breaches and retrogression enough, this is the time to move forward and pledge to be faithful, loyal and honest, and to serve our people with all our strength, in honesty and glory! I endorse a return of governance to the people, guided by law and justice. This is the real movement and I am a proud proponent of this school of thought. 

''Each and every time, a new generation has risen up and done what's needed to be done. Today we are called once more - and it is time for our generation to answer that call. For that is our unyielding faith - that in the face of impossible odds, people who love their country can change it.'' ~Barack Obama
For God, for Benue and for truth, let's change the game!
 Franc Fagah Utoo, Esq. LQC (Malaysia); LL.B Hons (Newcastle, UK ); BL (Abuja)
*Former President of the Students Representative Council (SRC), Nigerian Law School, Abuja.

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