On thursday 9th November 2017. It was the day the Benue APC led Government held what they tagged as Endorsement mega rally in government house. The rally was for the Minda Apc supporters to declare their support for Ortom for the forthcoming 2019 general election.

Ordinarily i would have ignored the activities of Benue Apc and it's mega rally, but keeping mute will not be in the best interest of over 3 million Benuelites. Hence I have decided to make this public statement.

Well meaning Benuelites will recall that, for over 12 Months now, the Benue Workers have not been paid their salaries.

The senior citizens of the State ( the pensioners) have also not been paid for several months now.
The Akume-Ortom APC led State Government, instead of thinking in that direction to see to how they can address this very important issue, they instead opted to the hosting a jamboree endorsement Mega Rally in a government house that even its access road could not be fixed by this shameless, clueless, incompetent and wicked set of people in Government.

Benue Workers and Pensioners are dying of starvation and the Government of Benue State as led by the APC choose to waste the tax payers money for a mega rally that is of no benefit to the masses but as usual for their selfish interest.

Our understanding of the word democracy, is simply put as the Government of the People by the People and for the People. As you can agree with me, the Akume-Ortom APC led government in Benue State has completely taken the power from the people and it's now for them, their families and cronies.

The interest of the People is never in their minds, otherwise, a responsible and people driven government will never be planning for 2019 election while the civil Servants and pensioners are dying of starvation.

When Benue workers and pensioners are lamenting about their plights the senseless and wicked response they get from the State Government is that the state's wage bill is high.
This defence by the State Government is not only senseless and wicked but it also exposes or rather reveals the fact that the State is Completely in the wrong hand's.
What happened yesterday in government house was not only a show of shame but a wicked advance burial dance of the Benue Workers and pensioners.
My distinguished Benue workers ,as it is now, the Akume- Ortom led APC administration in the State has practically abandon governance.

Their focus now is on how to get a second term in 2019.

You will make your own assessment, that for over 2 years, what has this government been able to achieve compared with the amount of money that has so far entered in the State since 2015 that will earn them another four years from 2019?

The time to dislodge this change and stop this tyranny is now. I have severally called on all well meaning Benue people to start speaking against this evil Government of change in the State.
Evil Men and Women succeeds in their wicked ways when good people refuse to speak.
However, this is not the time to speak anymore but the time to come together with the plan to remove these clique that is continuously sucking the blood of the Innocent Benue workers/ pensioners and has left our State underdeveloped for over 2 Years now.

The Political Class should start thinking of how we will all come together to form a common front to remove these Cabals as our State is in dire need of a true and genuine change.
As they have declared to make a continuation from where they intend to take us to let's also join hands to take our campaign to the grass root.

We must make sure that our village men and women are aware of the following:
Ortom is paying 30% of Benue allocation into Sen George Akume's account.
Akume and Ortom has connived to inflate the state's wage bill from N2.7B to N7.9B.
Akume and Ortom connived to loot N17B out of the N28B bailout funds that were released to Benue.
Akume and Ortom connived to sack 6700 legitimate local government workers that were employed in 2012.
Akume and Ortom has increased the School fees at BSU, our higher tertiary institutions and secondary schools in Benue state.
Ortom has stopped promotion in the state's civil service.
Ortom has illegally employed 700 Nongov youths in the state's civil service.
Akume tagged Benue workers as animals for complaining about nonpayment of salaries.
Akume and Ortom connived to deny zone C of the the SSG's position.
Ortom has destroyed all our higher tertiary institutions.
Benue state university teaching hospital is now closed for lack of funding, equipments and other machineries.

We must brain wash them with all manner of seriousness otherwise these vampires may use their I'll gotten monies to manipulate them in order to have their way back to government house..


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