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A dark cloud has descended over our land at noon today as 72 corpses are buried, being they innocent women, children, youths and the old slaughtered like animals by Fulani herdsmen in our rural communities in Guma and Logo local government areas of Benue State.
Why did they have to die so cruelly? What was their crime other than that they were living peaceably in the land where God created them to live.
But today the world has turned an eye and an ear to our plight, so we cry our the louder, that we have no more lives and blood to sacrifice to the primitive lust of the nomadic herdsmen who seek to wipe us off the face of the earth.
It is our demand this day that the federal government and its relevant agencies bring the killers of our loved ones to justice and guarantee us the right, as free and law-abiding citizens, to live in safety and under protection from the intrusive activities of terrorists and criminals such as the herdsmen.
May the souls of our beloved departed ones rest in Heavenly peace, and we the bereaved find solace in the consolation of the Lord God Almighty.
Dr. Stephen T. Hwande,
MD/CEO, First Fertility Hospital,
Benue Governorship Aspirant, 2019.

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