Makurdi Has been Shot Down

Breaking: Makurdi, the Benue state capital has been shot down or declared a no movement area due to yesterday's killings of Benue people by Fulani terrorists.

All roads in Makurdi have been blocked, currently there is no movement in  Makurdi. According to an eye witness almost 20 people where killed yesterday night and dropped at Wurukum Round-about - the heart of Makurdi.

The demonstration or roads blockage by Benue people has been necessary because of the federal government silence over the all time killings and this recent ones which the terrorists welcome Benue into the new year on the first January which continued and is still on going.

"people of Benue state are in tears, anger in the hearts of youths.. They want answers.."

Makurdi, entire Benue is calling on all Nigerians and the world to come to the aid of Benue people which are innocently  been Killed by Fulani terrorists.

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