Tha Neutral Tells How he came up with Puppyworld Comedy Crew

Tha Neutral & J-Boy (Puppyworld Comedy)
Following the news about His career switch, The Entertainer, (Singer/Rapper) admitted that, he has been in some recent comedy skits which ought to be from, PUPPYWORD COMEDY.
I am a Rapper (Musician) as most people know, and many know me as a jovial and funny person, I have no reason to quit music now even though it is not giving what I expect. I have been coaching some young talented boys in my neighborhood In acting (most especially funny stuffs) so I decided to come up with this Interested Crew; PUPPYWORLD COMEDY.
We have young talented actors in the team: Junior, Davidany, eskpo and others. The Name PUPPPY is a kind of twisted as it started long time ago though not everyone around me knew about it. 
I was born in the family of 6, made up of 2 boys and 4 girls, we lost our younger brother (5th born) then I became the only son. And among my siblings, I was known to be the only child that really resembled my father!! , he answers Puppy right from his childhood to School days, so people eventually started calling me by the name “Puppy” even when am setting with him (My father), so one day my secondary school mates visited my home when  I was sick and couldn’t go to school, they heard someone called me Puppy and that was when the name went viral.

So I thought its good I keep the name as it makes my father happy even though I don’t know how he got the name.

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