Why Mum wanted me to go for Law - Tha Neutral

Tha Neutral-Mum wanted me to be a lawyer
 Tha Neutral of Puppyworld Comedy has spoken again on how effective/inspiring his dream could be to the community in few years to come.

Speaking with Soft9ja Weekend Chat; The Young Multi-talented Singer/Comedian says “I pray and I believe that my dreams will inspire the youths, children, Mothers & fathers of this generation and Generation to come”
Tha Neutral-My Dreams will Inspire Generations
Considering the Rumors & chats about his sudden switch in career Tha Neutral had this to say Answering the question; I am mostly known to be a rapper (Upcoming), but we should know that, being the Pastor doesn’t mean you don’t know how to farm but you chose to evangelize and let farming be. So is the case with me, I sing and I know I am know for that, but that doesn’t mean I should kill the other interesting side of me.
He Added: 
 I started repairing local torches and loved gathering spoiled electric lamps all the time, so my mum/dad got it obvious and decided to take me to a Technical school to study Electrical Installation & Maintenance Work, when I grew up I love engaging my mum in arguments even when I know am wrong about the topic of discussion so he suggested I go for law so I can become a lawyer.
This does not mean I was meant to be a lawyer but because my Mum felt I should better go for something that has to do with more of arguing. Same thing about what my friends said about me, they usually tell me I was funny and they always call on me whenever they need to be happy and laugh away.

So I think/know it is another interesting part of me. I will advise the people who are saying I switched Music for Comedy to understand the fact that I’m a multi-talented person and so they should just relax and enjoy the fun with me.

Tha Neutral

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