By Tersoo Zamber

It appears the carnage in Benue state and perhaps, elsewhere is underrated. 
Former Prez Olusegun Obasanjo attested to this during his recent visit to the state when he said he was alarmed to learn that about 80 more persons had been killed in herdsmen attacks, after the mass burial of the 73 killed on New Year day. 

Engagement with some people, including professional colleagues also show their ignorance of the killings. 

Of course, it is natural that, it's only when your own person is involved that you feel the pains of one's death. 

Therefore, hosting sympathizers in Government House, taking them to the graveyard of the 73 and perhaps, an IDP Camp will not give them a clear picture of what the state is going through. 
Such sympathizers should also be taken villages that have been sacked and taken over by attackers. 

Again, they should meet with families of those gruesomely murdered in the attacks for them to tell their stories. 

A visit to the morgue where the bodies of 24 persons killed in such attacks in Okpokwo, are awaiting mass burial is not a bad idea.

This is the only way sympathizers will appreciate what Benue state is going through.

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