By Malu James 
The people of vandeikya on Monday 5th March 2018 trooped out en masse to celebrate wish their son well. They in solidarity and unison proclaimed their joy and happiness as they had now found a worthy son who would represent them at the national assembly come 2019. The people under the leadership of Chief Joseph imobo said their joy knows no bounds as an illustrious son worthy of their support in the most transparent ,honest, credible fair and trustworthy  way has accepted the call to rescue them from the affliction of mal-representation. 

Elder Adom Ute  Who spoke on behalf of the Men lamented that over the years jechira people had been shortchanged by their previous representatives and he expressed hope that now they have gotten someone who they absolute confidence in and they the elders had unanimously endorsed Bem Garba with a caution that the mandate is a divine mandate and anybody of nyumagbaha extraction who dares to thwart the course of nyumagbaha people would incur on him or herself the wrath of the land. 

Also speaking on behalf of the youths of the ward Mr Terfa Mku acknowledged that the words of elders are words of truth and enjoined the youths to unite and make sure Bem Garba is sent to the national assembly.  He further stated that over the years alot of youths had worked tirelessly to acquire education, participate actively in the political processes and still had little or nothing to show for it. However based on the antecedents of the aspirant he knew that the good people of vandeikya /konshisha will smile again. 

Also Mama Torkuma Iorbee  who spoke on behalf of the women said they were in tears of penury but now their story has changed and all their cries are now of joy. She vehemently narrated how they have laboured under torturous sun on their farmlands to generate income and take care of their families yet they loose a chunk of their income to short life span of produce due to no agricultural value chain services and storage as well as low pricing. She further lamented that even their children whom they have sacrificed all to train did not have jobs as no one representative has ever remembered they existed. 

Responding the front line contender for the seat Hon Bem Garba assured them that he had a blue print that will relaunch the constituency and take it to enviable heights. He stated that with him the people will feel the impact of quality representation, explaining further that he would use his vast connections in and out of the country to revitalise health care, industrialization, and agro allied services. He said critical infrastructure like water supply, electricity and accessible roads are non negotiable items that would be looked into immediately .

The people also conferred on Hon Bem Garba the chieftaincy title "jor gbudugh u jechira"

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