52-year-old man recognized as Christopher Okadigbo has been captured for murdering his 82-year-old mother, Rosaline Okadigbo, at their home in Anambra East nearby government territory and expelling her left eye and heart which he expected to use for custom.

The police captured the suspect and his assistant, Ameke Udolu, after the primary child of the octogenarian, Chief Innocent Okadigbo, got a call from his panicked mother on May first to report her child, Christopher's suspcious moves. She was discovered dead on May second with her body parts evacuated.

"My mom let me know on phone on May 1, 2018 that my more youthful sibling, Christopher went to her flat with one Ameke Udolu and were moving round and making remarks that were exceptionally suspicious. My mom included that she feared remaining alone in her home because of the sort of articulations she caught the twosome make while moving round her condo.

In the early hours of May 2, 2018, under 24 hours after my mom's uneasy phone answer to me, I got another call from one Pius Aniefule that my mom was discovered dead in the pool of her blood. Minutes after Aniefule's call, my sibling, Christopher, who quit relating with me since 1999, likewise called to educate me of the occurrence, guaranteeing that he made a trip to Minna, Niger State from where individuals at home broke the news to him." he said.

Certifying the claim, Aniefule said he raised a caution, which pulled in individuals in the area and later called his first child, Innocent on the frightful murdering of his mom.

"As individuals raced to the scene, we saw Ameke Udolu leaving one of the rooms recently Mrs. Rosaline Okadigbo's home and we overwhelmed and held him. We gathered his telephone and revealed some implicating phone interchanges amongst Udolu and Christopher, the second child of the perished. When we got the telephone, we constrained him to make a call to Christopher and put on the speaker, which Christopher did not know. It was then that Christopher advised Udolu to hustle down to Nteje intersection on the off chance that he had achieved the activity and sit tight for him there."

More youthful sibling of the expired, Chief Uyammadu Anaeliaku charged that Christopher had already been related to interest exercises and spoke to the state government to help the family by convincing him to unearth the charms he professedly covered around their compound.

"My late sister Rosaline brought forth eleven youngsters and at this very moment, just two are alive. The rest passed on under flawed conditions." he said
As at Press time, the two suspects are as of now in police care.

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