BRIEF ON ELIJAH TERDOO IKPANOR - JiKi2019: Jechira, I Know Ikpanor

Elijah Terdoo Ikpanor hails from Mbagor, Mbatyough, Mbaduku in Vandeikya LGA of Benue State. He was born to the teaching family of Mr. & Mrs. Donatus Iorlamen Ikpanor Agege Shar on 11th April, 1983 in Vandeikya and raised by another family of teachers: Stephen Kuraun and Mrs. Patricia Mbafan Ikpanor both of blessed memories. 

Terdoo started his educational journey at LGEA Primary School Central, Tsar Mbaduku in 1989 and obtained his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) in 1995. In the same year, he proceeded to Government Secondary School, Tsar for his secondary education and completed it in 2001 after sitting the SSCE. Between 2002 and 2006, Terdoo studied History at the Benue State University, Makurdi and graduated with B. A. (Hons) Second Class, Upper Divison. After graduation, Terdoo served his fatherland for one year under the NYSC scheme between 2007 and 2008 at Methodist Secondary School, IbiakuIssiet, Uruan LGA of Akwa Ibom State. After the one year of mandatory national service, Elijah returned to Benue State University for his postgraduate studies where he obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Economic History in 2012. He went on to bag a PhD in Economic History from Nasarawa State University, Keffi, in 2017.

Dr. Elijah Terdoo Ikpanor has made a name for himself in academics. He was appointed a Graduate Assistant in the Department of History, Benue State University in 2010 and is still a lecturer in the Department.

In addition to lecturing at Benue State University, he has been engaged in other endeavours through which he serves his society. He participated in the Voters Registration exercise of 2011 and served at various levels as an INEC ad hoc staff in the 2011 general elections. Terdoo has also contributed to the publication of many books and co-convened numerous conferences in commemoration of several events in Tiv History. In 2011, for instsnce, Terdoo, along with Dr. Terhemba Wuam, convened a National Symposium that marked the 10 Years Remembrance of the 2001 military invasion of Zaki-Biam. And in 2014, along with Dr. Chris Orngu, he convened an International Conference to mark 40 Years of the 1964 "Tiv Riots" (Atemtyo and Nande-nande). He recently, in November 2015 along with Dr. John Tor Tsuwa and Shadrach Teryila Ukuma, convened a National Symposium to mark 10 Years Remembrance of the demise of Late. Gov. Moses Orshio Adasu (2005-2015), the second civilian Governor of Benue State and first Visitor of the Benue State University, Makurdi. Also in 2015, he convened a conference to mark 50 years of the establishment of ECOWAS along with Dr. Chris Orngu.

Terdoo has also served on various committees, mostly as Secretary, in and outside the University. In commendation to Dr. E. T. Ikpanor, Professor Mvendaga Jibo wrote in his groundbreaking book Elite Politics in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, 1993 - 2014 thus:

Elijah Terdoo Ikpanor of the Department of History, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria is a young scholar with much knowledge and deep insight. . . His motivation was scholarship and nation-building. I lack words to convey the depth of my appreciation to this humble and kindhearted colleague. He leaves me with no doubt that he will make a remarkable success of his academic career. God bless him! (2015:4)

Terdoo has published several papers in local and international books and academic journals. He has also edited 6 books with other senior colleagues. A widely travelled scholar, he has participated in national and international conferences including ones in Benin Republic, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Qatar & Russia. His research interests include: Historical Research Methods, African Economic History, African Historiography, History of ICT, Creative Industries and Cultural economies, Environmental History and Periodic Markets.

Terdoo Elijah Ikpanor is a Christian; a confirmed and practising Catholic. His social life involves making and keeping friends across different backgrounds and professions. He was the President of Students’ Historical Society of Nigeria during his university days at Benue State University. Elijah is also a social critique. He is a member of Movement Against Fulani Occupation (MAFO), a group committed to putting an end to herdsmen terrorism in Benue State. He is also a member of Leadership Emancipation and Advancement for Development, Benue State (LEADBenue) -- a youth mobilizing-body that seeks to engender youth contribution to the development of Nigeria.

Politically, Dr. Ikpanor is a democrat. He made consultations with a view to contesting election to the Tiev State Constituency at the Benue State House of Assembly in the 2015 general elections but ended up not contesting. He is a career teacher though with a political ambition. He is also an ardent believer in the #NotTooYoungToRun Movement.

Terdoo Ikpanor loves football. He also loves watching dance performances, especially Tiv traditional dances.

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