By Comr. 
I read some disappointing positions maintained by some respected friends online about how the invited Senate President , Saraki, couldn't have participated in the murderous robbery incident in OFFA town, Kwara state few weeks ago.
What is participation in a crime ? Is participation limited to the activities at the scene of crime ?
Did Gen. Bisallah shoot a bullet in the murder of Gen. Muritala Mohammed, yet he was involved in the assassination !
To almost every crime there are different roles assigned to different criminal(s), and whatever role is assigned to you once you perform the role you are involved.
Allocating roles to individuals in crimes depends on the capacity and capability of the would be criminals.
A pastor was arrested for robbery in Warri recently, his only role was "mere" keeping the weapons after each robbery operation. I equally read about a lady who was arrested in Lagos last year, and her only role was cooking for her gang of robbers after operations.
A herbalist was picked up for robbery in Kogi state few years ago for providing spiritual fortifications for his gang of robbers. The man who keeps the robbery booties belongs to the gang.
That person who facilitates the escape of robbers and or prevents their arrest is a member.
The boys arrested and who have equally confessed to the Offa robbery incident are known boys of the senate president within Ilorin city. In fact some of them are on the official payroll of the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as personal staff of Mr. Saraki and reputed to be above law in the city.
The weapons used for the robbery were bought by their leader, the vehicles used for the robbery were bought by the same leader, state government help the robbers to quickly change the registration of the vehicles used for the robbery and these alterations to the identities of the vehicles were carried out within the Kwara Govt. House !
Robbers usually have godfathers who share from the booties of robbery operations. Their shares might not necessarily be direct cash robbed, it could come in form of assassination of political opponents or business partners which are for the enjoyment of their godfathers. While the boys go away with cash and protection from the long arm of the law.
I read some argued that every political leader keeps thugs ; is thuggery a social norm and must it be encouraged ? If a political leader keeps thugs for the purposes to maim or assassinate , and they go further to rob where a pregnant woman is killed, nine police officers murdered and other 23 Nigerians cut into pieces by the bullets, weapons and vehicles provided by this leader and you are postulating witch hunt.
How important is human life to you ?


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