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Arise Tiv nation,arise Benue State,arise Middle belt.

Since Nigeria got her independent on 1st October 1960,the people of middle belt has been rape of their political liberty. The Tiv nation been the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria has not been tested with presidential power. The phenomena that make the people of Middle belt particular the Tiv race keep wondering either their political elite are afraid of presidential seat. To day the academic eagle,Professor Iorwuese Hagher has vow to partake in the political champions league of presidential race. The academic guru,Chief Professor Iorwuese Hagher is a mighty political attacker,who may definitely score the political penalty of presidential race. The formal Nigeria Ambassador to Canada is God fearing man,he is a man of high profile with tall CV.

Professor Hagher is a societal Pilar of Tiv nation.
Come out Tiv nation,Come out Benue State,Come out Middle belt,Come out Nigerians lets support a technocrats with qualitative academic skills ,to bail us out of underdevelopment and vicious circle of bad governance.

Vote Professor Iorwuese Hagher,for presidential race come 2019 under the platform of SDP,for equitable distribution of resources,accountability and transparency.
#Good governance and social justice is what I stand for!

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