My Greatest Motivation if Seeing few Views on my Instagram Video – [Tha Neutral]

Tha Neutral - My Greatest Motivation.

Tha neutral of Puppyworld Comedy who recently told the public how his dream will inspire generation after a release of their latest comedy skit "House Rent Bonus" which many people are talking about expressed how motivating it is to see his videos viewers number not growing. in an Interview with the Soft9ja Media  the young Multi-talented Tha Neutral said "yeah, it never gave me joy,... hmmmm.... it is not good at all but it is very funny when you take your time, get inspirations, put them together and execute them in acting, post them and people don't turn up"!! but I see a lot of motivations in that; 
He Added, I feel i (we) haven't done or worked hard enough, I feel we need more work to be done and that is exactly what we are going to do.
I have never feel there is another way to success than hard-work, I strongly believe those who are already at the top didn't get there by just luck and favour, they did a lot of work which people don't know. But people only see the success side of the story and no one cares to know haw hard you went to arrive there.
My dream of success will never end till I wake up to live in the success.

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