Puppyworld Comedy Stopped From Shooting a Political Comedy Video by a Local Politician in Port Harcourt

He explained the incident in detail as he reveal their plans to rescheduled the day for the video shot, he added: “At first, they said it was illegal to shot that type of comedy video as Mike and J-boy left there ID Cards at home and so they took that for a threat, but when I came with Mc. KK and some of us that came with, we had our Id Cards and a Operation Permit to prove our freedom to shoot. So the man (people said he is a politician  but I actually don’t know him so I can’t tell which party he belongs to), said he would pay us so we could leave the idea of shooting the video. We actually didn’t support the idea but Mc. KK told me to collect the money then rescheduled to shoot the video next Sunday so we did and he gave us N10, 000 so we just took pictures and returned. We couldn’t shoot any video at all as it may seems we are trying to shot the same concept.

Politician Paid Comedian to stop Video shot
The Port Harcourt Hot Upcoming Comedy group (Puppyworld Comedy) reported this evening (Sunday, 29th July, 2018) over their hyped comedy skit “APC To PDP” which was scheduled to be shot on the same day.
According to the member who reported “Tha Neutral” he said:
Actually we planned to shoot the concept to portrait the current situation of the government in the country.
I was late at the venue because I went to attend to something else so when I came, Mike & J-Boy were not at the place we all agreed they will be waiting for me so I called Mike and he told me they were harassed during the rehearsal  in preparation for the video shot!!, so he directed me and when I came with Mc. KK (Our D.O.P) and the rest of our members who were available, we saw three cars and a lot of people gathered.
He went ahead to crack up the incident: “I pray we should be having such positive attack every week so we can be earning N10, 000 weekly”

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