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Music, they say is life!
Yes, 80% of humans listen to music every second.
At work or leisure, in fact almost every time we have the opportunity to.
We get music from different online streaming  platforms like Spotify or GooglePlayMusic which might seem expensive to the average human.
Of course, not everyone can afford a monthly fee to access their favorite songs.
After subsequent surveys, we’ve realised people prefer to download their favourite songs after streaming them, while still wanting to enjoy an organized, personalized experience.
We have had different music players in the past but either there are some sort of charges to download or users are forced to sign up.
Most times these users give up and go back to google wandering around links while being teased with broken links.
As music lovers ourselves, we spotted these problems and teamed up with  amazing  people to proffer a solution, hence the birth of *EXPLUSIC*
*EXPLUSIC* crawls all over the internet in search of songs, index them, then bring them to you on demand at an ultra speed.
We have also implemented an AI (machine learning) to learn from your previous activities and serve you songs you might be interested in.
You can also see which songs are trending in your country and what others are listening to.
While getting directed to only valid links to get songs downloaded without being frustrated.
We aim to put songs at the fingertips of users  while at the same time being a huge source of traffic to music bloggers.
Our ranking algorithm ranks each links/songs according to your interest and popularity, by the way, your interest first.
We are happy to introduce to you *EXPLUSIC.COM*, the modern, design-centric music search engine.
You might already be wondering  if there are certain costs attached to use this amazing software. But guess what? It’s absolutely free and available to everyone.
What are you waiting for?
Bookmark //explusic.com for easier access on the go now!
Follow our social media links for tons of other freebies which would be unleashed in due time!
Got recommendations for the team? Inquiries or complaints about our free modern music search engine?
mail the team at support@explusic.com

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