Introducing a brand with a difference. This is  a newspaper which is set to change the Nigeria Publishing Industry for good.

You are specially invited to read Freedom Sunrise online edition by visiting and you can as well get it's free first edition in PDF format available on all devices to be read at your comfort. Click the link below to view or download first edition of Freedom Sunrise Newspaper.  >>

Freedom Sunrise Mission is thus: 
"Ours is a medium dedicated solely to the interest of the masses by engaging them with issues of their welfare and drawing the government and other corporate entities attention to their cause.

Freedom Sunrise Newspaper shall report human interest stories, news, lifestyle and everything that creates value to our readers within the ambit of the law and the ethics of the pen profession, not also forgetting the traditional functions of the media, thereby making them free because information is power.

Freedom Sunrise Newspaper made it first appearance on the newsstands on 7 August, 2018. It is a monthly publication which covers international, national, regional, local and otherwise. Go grab your copy,  ......"be informed, be free".

In case you don't have Freedom Sunrise Newspaper in your locality and you need it contact it's circulation manager on 08124997568.

Editor-in-Chief: Richard Anyebe
Interval of Publication: Monthly 
Contact Freedom Sunrise Newspaper:

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