[News] Blogger Attacks Nigerian Newspaper!!

The tanker driver rushed into the restaurant/beer shop as he diverted from  jamming a taxi which equally followed the tanker’s direction as the tanker crushed it (the taxi) into the Restaurant. Customers that were in that shop ran out and the owner of the Restaurant (Mummy Boye; that’s what they call her) ran out through the shop’s back door with her little daughter as they all saw the tanker heading towards their direction. The tanker crushed her car which was parked in front of her shop. The shop was destroyed but no live was lost or physically injured.

Blogger go against Nigerian Newspaper!!
Benue's Port Harcourt Based Blogger Tha Neutral on Monday sent a blast to the popular Nigerian Newspaper “The nation Newspaper” as he confirmed with proof that a fake news was published on Sunday (5th August, 2018). Tha Neutral said: It is so unfortunate that some Nigerian are justifying the statement made by our President concerning the youths’ laziness. Publishers are too lazy that they don’t verify or source for detail of any event or incident and then goes ahead to published an unverified news, I wonder if at all they have news auditors, imagine as big as The Nation Newspaper is, they still lie about things that has to do with human lives!!l. is it for traffic? Or why will it be for?
According to Tha Neutral, the said Tanker accident took place directly opposite his house at along East West Road (Uniport Road) off Rumuapara in Port Harcourt, Rivers State which according to The Nation Newspaper  “Four Died and many were injured. (Read the Fake News Here) Tha Neutral provided the opposition details as he proof with photos of the event in his publication, he said:
See screenshots from the Nations News below:

Nobody died, I repeat, Nobody died!! No was injured, in-fact not even a scratch on anyone’s body!!. Another  lie is that, the tanker  didn’t enter in the said shop as a result of brake failure!! We were there, I saw it live and this was exactly what happened:

He went ahead to explain how bad it is to publish fake news as that could go a long way emotionally hurting those who’s relative are living around that vicinity on hearing the news, thinking it could be them.
Tha Neutral is known to be an upcoming comedian so he professionally round it up by saying:  if at all they don’t know what to publish why don’t the just tell people that heaven and hell is real, and Jesus Christ is Lord? at least it is better to repeat an already told story than to fake a new one.

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